Managing and Releasing All Types of Grief.

Grief has many facets which will be covered throughout these sessions.

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    • Defining What Grief Is

    • 5 Stages of Grief

    • Emotional Freedom Strategies

    • Recognizing and Dealing with Anger

    • Grief and Depression

    • Acceptance

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“I have known Helen for over ten years and was fortunate to meet her through a personal friend. Initially I contacted Helen for coaching regarding health and nutrition needs which she not only offered a wealth of books and materials to read, her hands on counseling approach was fantastic. Helen’s has a well developed skill set for one on one attention and has amazing communication abilities. Throughout the years I have availed myself of her multiple skills sets to great success. From mental health counseling, nutrition, career development, relationship counseling, networking skills, and so on — trust Helen to be your go to resource”


“Helen is an amazing person. Her insight is very valuable. Spend just 10 minutes talking to Helen and you feel your caring and compassion. She truly loves helping people be there best selfs. She helped me tremendously when my son got his autism diagnosis 14 years ago. My family was going thru a huge adjustment and we needed guidance. My son is now 17 and doing extremely well. Even if you don’t have any traumatic issues, especially right now what is happening in the world, we all have some stress, anxiety and worry. Talk to Helen. She will guide you and share her knowledge to help you thru these rough times. Since then have become very close friends. I am blessed to have Helen in my life.”