What your can Learn and Implement

  • 01

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome to Balance and Alignment

    • How to get the best from this program.

    • Let's get started

    • Looking at every Aspect of Your Journey

    • Instructions for Wheel of Life

    • How does your wheel look?

    • What do you know about your Values?

    • How are you doing?

    • Keep Motivated

  • 02

    Next Phase

    • Format for setting Outcomes

    • Are you focused?

    • What have you discovered so far?

    • How are your goals coming along?

    • When are you expecting your outcome?

    • Success is all up to you!

  • 03

    Putting it All Together

    • More Resources for YOU!

    • Before you go...

Client Testimonials

“Helen has been tremendous in helping me achieve success with her stellar coaching abilities. Her strategic personal development approach and empathetic skills in working with her clients are built to empower belief within yourself. She listens to your needs and with her uncanny wisdom guides you in an professional manor towards your goals. She is outstanding and I am proud to be a client of hers. Thank you Helen”


“She has been an integral part of the growth of multiple groups within the chamber, as well as the community. I have attended multiple workshops from her, learning how to perfect tag lines and gaining confidence as a business development rep. She is a wealth of knowledge that loves helping people excel. Aside from all of her knowledge of networking, I have been a client of hers for personal matters. Her guidance through life changes and techniques to handle emotions have helped me immensely. She has become a mentor and friend. I highly recommend working with Helen on business coaching, personal development, employee development, and more. You will not be disappointed.”